Privacy Policy

This section covers how we accumulate our users' data and the methods being used to safeguard them so that the online purchasing remains smooth. Kindly read the following paragraphs carefully so that you understand how we function.

Some of the details that we collect are direct such as users' name, contact number, address, email, etc. These are taken while a user attempts to make a purchase along with his other details like credit card or while (s)he creates an account in which credit card details are not required in advance.

Other details are considered as indirect as nothing is directly taken but using cookies if a client's browser is not set to limit or block it. The cookies basically take IP and user's geographic location. We cannot collect a person's personal information without his/her consent even through the Internet Protocol. Cookies help us know you more so that we could personalize your profile to show you more appropriate products of choice. If you choose to block the cookies your activities would also be limited such as purchasing.

We do not send, share or distribute any of our users' information to any third party unless we have professional connections with them and that too some of them which cannot be harmed due to limited authority. These include the names of buyers and their contact information so that the package reaches the doorsteps. We take excellent security measures to make sure that all kinds of data are always safe without someone's breach.

Your email address will be used by us to share crucial information with you such as details about e-receipt, dispatches, tracking URL, and any other kind of assistance if something concerns you. We also share information about new products' launch, alteration in the price, unavailability of few products, newsletters, etc. If you want to write to us at our postal address then you must consider the following details: