Shipping Policy

The Shipping policy describes the types of shipping we offer to our consumers, a number of possible circumstances that (may/might) occur, and our methods of dealing with them.

Our Regular shipment takes about 4 to 5 days to deliver a parcel which is default. The UPS shipment needs 2 to 3 days to allow the package to reach its destination and the customer has to explicitly select it. In both the cases, the cost is added along with the purchased items at the time of checkout. We execute further action after receiving the order only on working days. Therefore, orders being placed on public holidays or weekends are processed the next business days.

We expect you to write the correct mailing address along with the PIN and ensure that there has to be a receiver at the time of delivery which could be the buyer him/herself or someone else. The whereabouts of items can be traced using the URL whose information shall be shared across via email right after the dispatch. Therefore, the rough idea of the day of delivery could be estimated. If the delivery boy finds no one at your postal address then you will have to go to the official post office where it will be kept for a few more days. The details of the post office would be shared by us if you request for it.

Our customers must check their country's import regulations so that they better understand certain norms while their goods are imported. Make sure that you pay the post office the required fees such as import duties, taxes, charge for keeping your package, etc., as the (Regular/UPS) shipping charges you paid us in advance are only meant for transmitting the package from our warehouse to your country/state. If you fail to do so, consequences might occur whose accountability will not be taken by

It is possible that one or more unforeseen events might occur and they might hamper the process. Any geographic region may encounter natural calamities, or governmental/political turmoil such as floods, earthquake, tsunami, tornado, OR riots, curfews, nuclear explosion, civil/political war, and so on. These kinds of occurrences have little to no chance to diminish early, and so, we consider refunding back the full money that was paid.

For more assistance, kindly contact us.