How do you deal with your users' private information including the credit card?

A. We take best measures to ensure tight security. This involves our commitment to never share our users' details plus encrypting those data that are vulnerable. You may retrieve more about this in our Privacy Policy.

Do you offer any discount if I plan to purchase lots of items or after a certain amount of purchase?

A. Our discount offers are seasonal and we inform about that in advance if these are there. On a usual basis, there is no such offer if your purchasing exceeds the limit in terms of products' count or price.

Can I cancel my order?

A. We offer cancellation but only if the order being made hasn't yet been dispatched, that is usually within the first 24 hours of buying, or whichever is earlier.

Do you share tracking details of the dispatched goods?

A. Yes, we send email to provide the information about tracking URL to the buyer immediately post transmission.

Within how many days will I get my items?

A. We have two shipping methods and the number of days depends on what kind of shipment has been chosen. Generally, the products reach their doorsteps within a week at the most.

Can I return back the received product(s)?

A. The returns are possible but the consumer has to make sure that something is wrong and it does not match what was originally ordered. You may clarify this part better in our Return Policy.