Men's Long-Sleeved Shirt - White

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Daynoliao Long Sleeved shirts are best as casual and formal wears. Be it work or a party with your loved ones, these shirts make you feel comfortable. Quite popular among the younger generation, these shirts render a feeling of confidence in them. Make sure to include them in your everyday wear.

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Our White shirts are elegant and graceful. They are plain yet easy on the eye and classy. These are slim fit and tailor cut to suit your striking frame. The classic collar adds to its stylish look. Daynoliao long sleeved shirts are made of 98% cotton and 2% other material. It has a soft feel and is wrinkle free.

Machine wash only. Dry in shade to maintain colour and durability. Do not bleach to maintain colour.

Product Features:

Pattern - Men's long-sleeved shirt – Plain White – MC0016

Thin and soft

Machine Wash


Appropriate formal and casual wear

Available in different sizes (37-44)

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