Portable Sling Bag

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The messenger bag is mostly known as portable sling bag and the size of this bag is medium. The brand launched the Z12 especially for the youth and youngsters who were open to try out new styles. As the size is medium it is easy to carry around and very easy to handle. The style of the bag is suitable for the youth and the backpack way is the shoulder messenger portable type. The material used to manufacture this messenger bag is first layer of leather and the lining material used is pure polyester. The Z12 bag has 2 zipper compartments that gives you enough and more space to store your things and also has a strong broad side strap like a sling that keeps the bag intact. The sales channel of the messenger bag is pure online sales which mean one can buy this product only online. The Z12 from Meng Belong bag is totally the best choice for a casual and leisure occasion. The pattern is plain and solid and colors available are black and brown.


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