Portable Messenger Bag

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The Z06 is a medium sized bag that is popularly known as the portable messenger bag. This is a total professional accessory that gives you extra grace and elegance to your work attire. The bag is perfect for the youth and the youngsters and the applicable scenarios are leisure and casual occasions. The sales channel type of Z06 bag is purely online and offline sales. The style of the commuter shoulder bag is shoulder bag style and the backpack way is the shoulder way. The texture of the Z06 is 100% PVC with first layer of leather and the material used here is polyester. The closed way type is the zipper type and the internal structure of the bag is the zipper pocket style. The bags outer bag style is inside pouch type and the popular elements of the bag are printing style. The pattern used here in the Z06 is plain and solid and the condition of the bag is new. The shape is cross section square and shoulder strap style is double root style.


Colors: Black and brown

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