Medium-Sized Compact Bag

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For many women, bags are not just a home to stow all their essentials, it’s actually a style statement about oneself. Brands today not only produce a bag, they are in fact creating a persona for a woman. This medium-sized compact bag also known as doctor bag is a must-have for those who want to commute light with bare necessities.

Square box shaped bags are trending today. A hard non-adjustable bag, the product is strong and absolutely scratch-resistant. It is manufactured using polyurethane fabric that can withstand few climatic changes.

You can see there are two compartments available – one small in the front and the main compartment. The first one is to store your car keys, shades, or coin changes. You can use the main area for keeping wallets, makeup kit, or any other immediate accessory.

The strong zippers do not break or wither away. They are responsible and keep your necessities safe. Best suitable for a leisure scene, there are two ways to carry this bag. One way is to hang it over your shoulders or just detach the hinges and you can flaunt it in your hands.

This bag is currently available in three different colors – milk white, purple, and red.


Comes with a return policy

Hard bag that cannot be bent or twisted

Made using strong material

Dimension: 26cm x 11cm x 19cm

Magnetic lock secures your contents efficiently

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