Retro Print Trend Shoulder Bag

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Known for its street-smart innovative design creations, Artmi has fast become a favorite with women of all ages. Their trendy designs clubbed with the utility of their bags make them ideal for everyone.

The newest addition to their collection is this vintage inspired handbag that features bold motifs from the suit of cards. Spades, diamonds, hearts or the club, what is it that best represents your personality?

In tarot, each of these symbols have their own meanings. The Club which dominates the motifs on the bag represents work, good luck, will and energy. The svelte looking handbag also features a club zipper locket that has the words, ‘Active. Ruralize. Magic. Individual’ embossed on it.

The coloring is very retro and the suit motifs look brilliant against the beige background. The contrast stitching makes the motifs standout.

The bag can be worn across the shoulder courtesy a detachable strap or can be carried normally using the permanent handles on the bag.

As always with Artmi, there is ample room for storage and multiple compartments allow easy storage and organization of everyday essentials. There are separate zippered pockets which can store items that need to be accessed frequently. If you carry your iPad or tablet, then the soft fabric lining will prevent scratches.

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