Leather Belts-Black

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The Leather belts-B-2140 from Tuteur is a black colored belt from the 2015 stylish summer collection. It has a width of 3.5cm. It has a sleek and stylish look. The belt is for business and formal purposes but can be used along with chinos and jeans as well.

The belt is made from two layers of processed soft leather. It is made using the latest leather material technology. The belt has a soft surface and is smooth throughout. The buckle is not a needle buckle style and has a clasp. It is not heavy. The buckle is made from alloy metal and does not scratch easily. The buckle has a very stylish design

The belt is available in various sizes; 110cm, 115cm, 120cm, 125cm and 130cm. The belt is more suitable for middle-aged men.

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