Business Casual Style Belt

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The MDP024C is an everyday buckle belt that is a bit different from the traditional ones. Here the buckle is given a Z letter design which slides into the other end of the belt and helps you secure as your requirement. The belt is obviously black in color so as to go with every occasion. The material technology of the MDP024C is of soft surface technology and body element is weaving element. The belt buckle style is typical to the brand that is the needle buckle style and the buckle material is the copper. The buckle style is an oval shape and the length of the belt is conventional. The MDP024C is specifically designed for the youth and younger generation and it is totally a men’s accessory. The style detail of the belt is business casual style. The color of the belt is black and the buckle color has been given a dual tone of gold and silver. The sales channel of the belt is pure online sales.


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